It may be Blue Monday, but a sprinkling of happiness is just around the corner . . .

FEELING glum today? Well don't despair.

Today may be Blue Monday, but a joyous Yellow Saturday is just around the corner.

Five days after what is officially the most depressing day of the year, a happy band of wellwishers will be out on the streets of Preston at the weekend delivering a little cheer to lift the mid-winter mood.

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Dressed in bright yellow shirts and carrying placards of hope, the disciples of the Happiness Sprinkling Project will be attempting to put a smile on the city’s face.

“It’s not that Preston is a particularly miserable place,” insisted Rob Christopher, who helped bring the idea over from the United States where outbreaks of Happiness Sprinkling are becoming a common sight.

“It’s just a case of spreading happiness wherever we can. It’s simply about making people feel good.”

Rob and his wife Miranda, from Leyland, caught the bug on a business trip to Denver in 2014. They were on a bus when they saw the yellow shirts, read the placards and jumped off to find out more.

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“We were inspired by it and thought it would be a great idea to bring this across to the UK,” he explained.

“They said they were interested in getting the idea into Europe and so, as this is the first one in this country, it looks like we are the ambassadors over here.”

Sponsored by Miranda’s Preston-based group Minerva Business Women, the happiness signs have been shipped over to Lancashire and will be on view when the sprinklers of glee take to the streets.

Meeting at 1pm at the busy intersection of Stanley Street and Church Street, messages of wellbeing will be held high for motorists to ponder as they drive by.

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Signs like You Rock, or Free Hugs and It’s Going To Be OK, are designed to bring a smile from travellers.

“All the signs have a positive, happy message,” said Rob. “The idea is that people can see them from their cars and, just for a moment, feel good.

“In the current climate in the world, where a lot of awful things are happening, we want to counter that by showing it’s not all doom and gloom.

“The fact that Preston is the first one in this country is not meant to be an indication of how gloomy people are here. It’s just that I live in Leyland, Preston is the nearest city and the ideal place to start sprinkling happiness.

“Sometimes a smile can make a big difference to people, it can make their day. The buzz and the energy we’ll get from doing this is going to be amazing.”