'˜It made me shudder' - Chorley residents' horror after severed dog's head found on door handle

A community has been left shocked and horrified after a severed dog's head was found on the door handle of a house.

Tuesday, 22nd May 2018, 11:24 am
Updated Tuesday, 22nd May 2018, 12:46 pm
Great Meadow, Astley Village

READ THE ORIGINAL STORY HERE: Severed dog’s head left on door handle

Police are urging the public to help them catch the sadistic thug who carried out the vile act.

A former mayor described the incident as the ‘sign of a psychopath’.

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The gruesome discovery is said to have left the householder traumatised.

Officers were called to the property in Great Meadow, Astley Village, on Sunday morning.

They found the head of a dog, believed to be a Yorkshire terrier, on the door handle.

“This was extremely distressing for the occupant who found the dog,” said a police spokesman.

“At this time, we have no idea why this has happened.”

News of the shocking find prompted scores of people to express their shock and disgust on social media.

One said: “How could enyone do such a cruel, sadistic thing?”

Another wrote: “That’s horrific. Who the hell does something like that?”

Laura Lennox, chairman of Astley Village Parish Council, said she had just returned from holiday to learn of the incident.

“Oh my god. that’s disgusting. I’m absolutely horrified,” she said.

“I’m totally stunned and shocked because Astley Village has been very quiet and peaceful in the past, so to have something like this is horrible.

“It made me shudder.

“I just hope somebody comes forward and tells the police where it might have come from.”

Councillor Mark Perks represents Astley Village on Chorley Council and Clayton with Whittle division

on Lancashire County Council.

The former Mayor of Chorley described the incident as “horrendous” and “evil”.

“It’s the sign of a psychopath,” he said.

“If there’s someone living in the village like that it can lead to other things.”

He said he had contacted Chorley council, the police and Place for People to manage properties in the area, to ask for their response.

He said: “The need to give some reassurance, particulalry in Great Meadow, but generally in the village.

“In all the years as a councillor, I’ve never come across that.”

Chorley Council said their animal welfare officer received a call about the incident at the weekend and that the matter was passed to the police.

The police spokesman said: “If you have any information or are missing a dog, which is described, possibly as a terrier then please get in touch with PC Chris Hilton on 101 quoting log LC-20180520-0514.

“Alternative you can email [email protected] or contact CrimeStoppers anonymously.”