I’ll Never Forget day Joey got down on one knee to make me his Babe

Emma Ashworth and Joseph Marston           Pictures: Vision PhotographyEmma Ashworth and Joseph Marston           Pictures: Vision Photography
Emma Ashworth and Joseph Marston Pictures: Vision Photography
You could say Joseph Martson owes his brother a favour.

After being introduced to Emma Ashworth by his brother Ben on a New Years pub crawl in Croston in 2005, the pair admired each other from afar.

Emma, a project manager from Penwortham, says: “I went to university in Durham with Ben so he introduced us to one another but we were too shy to approach each other that night.

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“Luckily Ben meddled to get us together on Joseph’s trip to Durham a few months later and on Ben’s birthday in February 2006 we officially became girlfriend and boyfriend.”

The couple spent the next three years travelling between Durham and Lancaster, where Joseph, a senior recruitment consultant from Croston, was at university.

As their six year anniversary approached, the pair returned to Lancaster, a place very dear to them.

“Unbeknown to me Joey spent a large majority of the morning finding a coat which would hide the ring box.

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“He was unbelieveably calm, even a traffic jam on the A6 didn’t faze him!”

Following a canal side meal, Joseph suggested a walk that the couple used to take often.

“We sat on a bench overlooking a field that had a few horses in it and as the sun came out from behind a cloud, Joey stood up and got down on one knee in front of me,” says Emma, “I first thought he was joking before he told me how much he loved me and asked me to marry him.

“I did wonder why he wouldn’t let his coat out of his sight and moved it out the way during the meal.”

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On June 1, Emma and Joseph were married at Croston St Michael and All Angels followed by a reception at Samlesbury Hall.

“Joey’s mum had decorated the church with flowers and it looked absolutely beautiful,” says Emma, “at the end of the ceremony we boogied out to Stevie Wonder’s ‘Signed, Sealed, Delivered’.”

A VW campervan transported the newlyweds to their reception where they were met with a string quarted playing ‘Greatest Day’ as guests enjoyed a drinks reception.

Continuing the Take That theme, the new Mr and Mrs Marston took to the floor for their first dance as man and wife to ‘Rule The World’ and ended their evening with a final dance to ‘Never Forget’.

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Emma says, “Everyone was on the dance floor from start to finish - there was even a dance circle at one point with the robot making a comeback along with some other dance moves which I don’t think have been seen in some years.

“Our wedding day was absolutely perfect, we loved every minute of it.