"I did whatever I could to show him how much he was loved": Jordan Banks' dad's heartbreaking tribute

Jordan Banks' dad has posted a heartfelt tribute to his son on Facebook.

By Iain Lynn
Thursday, 13th May 2021, 8:42 pm

In it, he talks about his precious son and the cherished moments they enjoyed; from their love for Liverpool FC to his favourite T-shirt.

He's also shared some beautiful and personal pictures of them as a family.

And he adds a message to other parents - a little reminder of how special and precious time is with your children.

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Matt Banks with his son Jordan

Here's the message in full:

"I’m not one for putting my personal life all over Facebook but after seeing post after post about Jordan and receiving hundreds of messages I felt it was time to say something and share the pictures I know he would have liked rather than the ones all over the news..

Jordan was and is the most amazing little person.

He had the biggest heart and would do anything for anyone, and when parents say they have the best kid ever, he GENERALLY was the best ever and if I ever could of asked for a perfect child that was my Jordan.

I couldn’t of been prouder of him always putting other people himself, such a selfless little person.

Even now his kindness has meant that 3 other children may be able to live as he always told us he wanted to be able to help other people if he could so was a donor and has donated which we know will be what he wanted.

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Blackpool Tower lit up in red as resort pays tribute to Jordan Banks

His favourite T-shirt was his cobra Kai top as he was obsessed with cobra Kai he always wanted his Liverpool or cobra Kai top on and would not be happy if they weren’t clean... he was allowed one question relating to cobra Kai an hour as otherwise our day would of spoke about it all day and everything always related with it and went back to it. 

Literally words can’t even explain how heartbroken I am.. not only have I lost my little boy I have lost my little best mate.

We would sit and talk for hours about his future and he would always ask me what I wanted his children to call me and we both decided on Papi...

So this is the real message I wanted to put across is that I never took anything for granted and I always made sure we had quality family time and did whatever I could to show him how much he was loved and how special and beautiful he was.

So what I ask of anyone with children - cherish every moment.

Even moments that seem to insignificant right now.. picking them up from school, putting them to bed at night, making them a drink have tea time together.. as you never know when moments like that will be taken away from you.

It only feels like yesterday I was making Jordan a brew, putting him to bed, getting kisses, squeezing him and playing with him.

Don’t take any time for granted as you may end up wishing you had more like me!

So please, please if you are busy and they might want to play a game or watch something with you just find time because it’s priceless.

Please share this with other parents as a little reminder of how special and precious time is with your children

I wish I could explain more of what I want to say but I’m not very good with words and my heart is literally broken but I felt it necessary to write this as I never thought I would feel and go through this and I hope nobody else has to!

Make sure to share to all the parents "

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