House filled with cannabis found in police drug raid

THOUSANDS of pounds worth of cannabis has been found filling every room of a two-storey house.

Preston Police raided the home in Callon, Preston, to find it was filled with nearly 100 live plants of the Class B drug.

Police say ‘The inhabitants slept on top of a door balanced on wooden beams in a Harry Potter-style cupboard, with a mattress placed on top. This left almost every inch of floor space to be used for cultivating the plants’.

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A post on the police’s Facebook page also issued a warning about the production of such drugs.

PC Brown wrote: “The number of lamps this required led to a very dangerous (not to mention illegal) electrical set up. Needless to say...Do not try this at home!

“Ninety seven live plants were seized along with six bags of leaves.

“Regardless of your personal views, as it currently stands, it is against the law to cultivate, distribute or be in possession of cannabis in the UK.”

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PC Brown also said the cannabis cultivation set up was discovered and stripped down, after hours of hard work from your local neighbourhood team.

The post included a video of the raid, which showed pictures of various rooms in the house.

The video, which also shows the lighting used to grow the drug, can be seen at

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