House builder plans to squeeze more homes onto site in Lea

A house builder wants to increase the density of homes to two parcels of land in Lea that have already been granted planning permission.

Friday, 1st February 2019, 2:38 pm
Updated Friday, 1st February 2019, 3:43 pm
House builder plans to squeeze more homes onto site in Lea

Applicant Morris Homes has applied for a variation of a condition to a build of 350 new homes at Hoyles Lane and to the east of Sidgreaves Lane.

According to Preston City Council (PCC) planning documents: “This application proposes to increase the density of dwellings in the two parcels of land in the centre of the site by increasing the number of dwellings within phase three from 98 dwellings to 126 dwellings.”

Documents go on: “The application seeks approval for the substitution of house types, replacing some of the larger dwellings with smaller house types.

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“This in turn would release land to increase the number of dwellings on this part of the site from 98 dwellings to 126 dwellings, keeping the overall number of dwellings approved under the 2015 permission at 350 by relocating the additional dwellings from elsewhere on the wider site.”

Access to these parcels of land would be taken from the wider site which in turn is accessed from Hoyles Lane and Sidgreaves Lane and ultimately a new link road from the adjacent site to the east, namely Maxy House Road.

Planners at PCC have recommended the application for approval subject to affordable housing making up 30 per cent of the housing, contributions from the builder to bus services, the East/West Link Road, pedestrian and cycle links, and the management and maintenance of public open space.