Historic discoveries will go under the hammer at Chorley Auction House

An historic hand-drawn map of Chorley and a legal document written during the reign of King Charles II is to go under the hammer.

By The Newsroom
Tuesday, 27th March 2018, 4:53 pm
Updated Tuesday, 27th March 2018, 5:00 pm
Ian Tully
Ian Tully

Also to be auctioned off at Chorley Auction House is a 1840 map of Whittle-le-Woods and an aged letter written to a local Baronet.

The selection of fascinating documents relating to Chorley’s past have been unearthed by local historian Ian Tully.

To give the opportunity for both local and international enthusiasts to appreciate them he has placed them in the hands of auctioneers Mark Taylor and Nicola Sconce who specialise in the sale of antiques and collectibles.

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Ian Tully

Mr Tully, 38, said: “They include a huge hand-drawn map of the town from 1846, created by James Derham, the town’s surveyor.

“It is one of the earliest known maps of the town and shows every building and street that was built at that time.

“It was used to help the local landlord gather the tithe tax from their tenants - 10 per cent of the value of the land’s produce. It is extremely likely, therefore, that the locals would have hated this map and everything that it represented.”

Mr Tully, from Farington near Leyland, is a collector and self-confessed history fanatic who runs his own Mobile Museum, with which he tours primary schools across the North West.

Ian Tully

He said: “The sale will also feature a Tithe Map of the parish of Whittle-le-Woods dating from 1840. It is possibly the earliest map of the area.

“It will also include a letter written to Sir Thomas Standish Baronet, of Duxbury Hall 290 years ago and a 338 year old legal document written in beautiful handwriting on animal skin which relates to Euxton.

“For me probably the most fascinating thing is the fact that it names the village “Ewkeston alias Euxton,” suggesting that it used to be pronounced Yookston which is what a lot of non-locals call it today.

“Are they wrong? Maybe not, they might be right after all.”

Mr Tully, who has a degree in archaeology, discovered the two maps at an auction house in Leyland.

“They weren’t catalogued very well,” he said. “They were just labelled as ‘two old maps’.

“I got all of the other items from eBay.”

With his Mobile Museum Mr Tully travels to primary schools teaching pupils about Romans, Egyptians and Greeks.

“Often I get dressed up in character,” he said. “I have a lot of genuine artefacts that are great to be able to bring history to life for the children.”

The historic documents will go under the hammer on Monday, April 2. The auction will be broadcast live to allow an international audience to take part.

They include:

- a large hand drawn map of the parish of Whittle-le-Woods reads with the caption “Lands belonging to W.S.Standish Esq. Tithe map Dating from 1840.

- large hand drawn Map of Chorley over two pieces from 1846. It is approx. 172 years old and is one of the earliest known maps of the town. It is drawn by James Derham, the towns surveyor. The map was commissioned for tax purposes after the 1836 Tithe Commutation Act.

- indenture document written on vellum dating from 1680 (approx 338yrs old written during the reign of King Charles II. Relating to land in Euxton gives and alternative name pronounced Ewkeston.

- indenture document written on vellum dating from 1718. 300 years old. Relating to property in Adlington and Wrightington.

- approx. 290 year old letter From Daniel Dandy of Lincoln Inn London to a Sir Thomas Standish of Duxbury Hall, Chorley.