Hero police officers who saved the life of motorist praised

Four hero police officers have been praised after their quick-thinking actions helped save a motorist's life in Lancashire.
Alan Wood and the police officers who saved his lifeAlan Wood and the police officers who saved his life
Alan Wood and the police officers who saved his life

PC Graham Leyland, PC Steve Worsley, PC Mike McMahon and PC Helen Blackburn were thanked by Alan Wood at Burnley Police Station after he fell ill at the wheel earlier this year.

Around 5-50pm on February 26th, Mr Wood, from Burnley, was waiting at traffic lights in Colne Road when he suffered a cardiac arrest.

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The 64-year-old, who would later be told he technically died twice during efforts to revive him, was given emergency treatment by the officers at the scene.

Insp Dave Clark, of Lancashire Police, said: “The officers were waiting at traffic lights in Colne Road when Mr Wood’s vehicle, a black Citroen, drove through a red light and was involved in a collision with another vehicle.

“The officers went to help and found Mr Wood conscious in the driver’s seat, but clearly very ill. He was removed from the vehicle but soon lost consciousness and stopped breathing.

“The officers quickly administered CPR and used a defibrillator from their vehicle to give Mr Wood two shocks. They continued CPR for some time until paramedics arrived to take over.”

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Mr Wood was taken to hospital for further treatment and his family were told to expect the worst.

Thankfully, after two days of medical care, Mr Wood’s condition started to improve, with relatives told he was recovering.

Doctors told Mr Wood he had technically died twice, once at the scene and again in hospital.

Insp Clark added: “Alan continues to recover and visited Burnley Police Station to personally thank the officers for saving his life.

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“He had no recollection of the incident so was pleased to be able to watch the dash-cam footage from the armed response vehicle which showed the officers’ actions.

“While this was clearly emotional for Alan and his family, it helped to fill in the blanks of what happened to him that day.

“He was then shown the kit that the armed response vehicles carry - the same kit which helped save his life.”

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