Hero dog alerts owner to kitchen fire

A hero dog which alerted its owner to a pan fire could have saved the house from a huge blaze, a fire service spokesman said.
Fire at a home on St George's Road in PrestonFire at a home on St George's Road in Preston
Fire at a home on St George's Road in Preston

A pan was left cooking at an address on St George’s Road in Preston and set on fire while the homeowner was upstairs.

Seeing the danger, the dog began barking loudly before racing upstairs, alerting his owner to the fire.

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The woman then came down to the kitchen and used a wet blanket in an attempt to extinguish the blaze.

The blanket then set on fire and the woman and her dog fled the house before calling Lancashire Fire Service.

Crews from Fulwood and Preston arrived at the terraced house at around 12.50pm to find the woman and dog outside the house.

Watch manager at Preston Station, Mark Woodward said: “The woman tried to lay a wet blanket on top of the fire but it set alight.

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“The house did have a smoke alarm but on the second floor so the smoke hadn’t reached it.

“It’s a good job the dog barked and alerted the owner when it did or this could have been much worse.

“We checked to see if she had inhaled any smoke but luckily neither her or the dog had.

“The message here is to not tackle a fire yourself because it only increases your escape time and puts you in more danger.

“Get out, call the fire service and let us do the work. The main thing is to make sure you’re safe.”

The cooker and surrounding walls suffered smoke damage but the woman and dog escaped unscathed.

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