Headless horse found on shore in Over Wyre

Late Afternoon at Knott End .......By Roy LawnerLate Afternoon at Knott End .......By Roy Lawner
Late Afternoon at Knott End .......By Roy Lawner
Mystery surrounds the appearance of a horse's corpse which was found on Knott End shoreline - minus its head and hooves.

It is believed these had been deliberately removed.

It was discovered close to Knott End Golf Club at the weekend, and locals became concerned it may become an environment problem.

Wyre says it removed the corpse after being contacted by residents in the village.

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A Wyre spokesman said: “Our officers responded to reports received on 20 August of a decapitated horse with its hooves removed washed up on Knott End beach.

“Specialist equipment was used to remove the horse.”