Have you ever experienced a disastrous date?

One in five Brits have experienced a disastrous Valentine's Day, new research has revealed.
Pepe Le Pew was famous for his disastrous datesPepe Le Pew was famous for his disastrous dates
Pepe Le Pew was famous for his disastrous dates

Being left with a hefty restaurant bill, your date getting blind drunk and bumping in to an ex are among some of the howlers Brits have faced.

Banging heads when going in for a kiss, being stood up and your date being glued to their phone were also gaffes adults have endured.

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Getting food stuck in your teeth, your credit card being declined and being stood up were also common faux pas.

Despite being hailed as the most romantic date in the year - the average adult reckons they have had three nightmare Valentine’s Days’.

With one in twenty adults even being dumped on February 14th, the poll of 1.505 by AO found.

Although 51 percent of couples celebrate the date, 13 percent said their partner always completely forgets to buy them anything.

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But seven in ten said they would rather have no present at all than a rubbish one.

Andrew Kirkcaldy, Brand Director at AO.com who conducted the research said: “It’s not uncommon for Valentine’s Day to go wrong, gift-giving alone can be a minefield. We were interested to find out what causes the biggest issues, and whether more practical presents were becoming the safest way to show someone you care. Couples are putting a lot of pressure on themselves to make it a really romantic occasion, but is that stress necessary? There’s something really thoughtful about finding a gift that’s genuinely useful, even the most functional things can also be desirable. It’s also easier than ever to shop online, especially with the likes of next day delivery. These days there’s no excuse for you Valentine’s presents being last minute petrol station purchases”.

The average adult said that for Valentine’s Day to go well, you needed to fork out at least £40 on a present.

But the survey revealed that a cuddly toy, cheap underwear and a novelty mug were among the worst presents to receive.

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As was a ten pound note in a card, a pair of socks and a gift voucher.

Eight in ten of those polled in the survey said it was best to stay in on Valentine’s Day to avoid any embarrassing disasters.

And 86 percent said remaining at home and having a nice meal sounded like bliss compared to forcing romance in a swanky restaurant.

A more practical 48 percent pointed out that staying in was also cheaper and 30 percent said you have a drink when staying in.

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Parents said cooking at home on the most romantic day of the year meant you don’t have to book a babysitter.

Andrew Kirkcaldy, Brand Director at online electricals retailer, AO.com who conducted the research said: “Staying in and celebrating with good food and drink seems like the safest way to celebrate. It may be that you can find a few new ways to up your cooking game, but it’s so much easier to relax at home, making the food you love in the comfort of your own kitchen. You won’t even need to worry too much about what to wear!”

The survey found a cynical 61 percent of Brits considered Valentine’s Day proposals a bit naff.


1. I had to pay the restaurant bill

2. my date got far too drunk and vomited

I spilt food down myself

We banged heads when we went to kiss

I was stood up

They didn’t get off the phone the whole night

We bumped in to my / my partner’s ex

I fancied the waiter / waitress more than my partner

I was called the wrong name

I went on an internet date and they did not match their picture

I wasn’t asked in for coffee

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My Mum kept ringing my phone asking how it was going

My partner spelt my name wrong in the card

They got food stuck in their teeth

My dates Dad picked them up a midnight

I / my date went home with someone else

My card was declined in the restaurant

My partner cried because they were expecting a proposal

Me / my date ended up in A&E

They pronounced a wine incorrectly and it put me off them



Just a card

A cuddly toy

Flowers from the garage

Cheap underwear

A novelty mug

A celebrity’s perfume / aftershave

A wilted bunch of roses

A meal in a fast-food restaurant

A pair of socks

Chocolates that were past their sell by date

A gift voucher

A CD when you no longer own a CD player

A piece of jewellery that broke immediately

A tie

A tenner in a card

A present that their ex-partner didn’t want

A magazine subscription

A fiver in a card

A wok

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