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Preparing and cooking food from scratch with step by step instructions.
Cooking togetherCooking together
Cooking together

Why: Cooking is a fun and therapeutic way of preparing healthy meals.

How it works: There are a variety of cookery and baking schools in Lancashire with tutors to guide guests on how to prepare a dish.

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Benefits: Cooking is a great way to appreciate the flavours and ingredients that go into a dish. It also increases your knowledge of food and helps you develop new dishes.

Cooking for other people is a form of altruism which can make people feel happy and connected to others. Cooking and baking together also helps families to bond.

Making your own meals can enable you to control the ingredients and make nutritious meals.

Cooking can also be therapeutic as it acts as a distraction and helps promote mindfulness.

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Preston Cookery School: Preston’s College, Fulwood. Courses include A Taste of Lancashire and A French Day Out, Continental Bread Making or Fish and Seafood. Costs £85 for a seven-hour day. For information call 01772 225522.

John Whaite’s Kitchen: Based at Tunley Hall, Tunley Lane, Wrightington. Classes in baking cakes and pastries are led by Great British Bake Off winner John Whaite. From £200. For more information visit http://www.johnwhaiteskitchen.com.

Northcote Cookery School: One of the UK’s top culinary schools from Northcote’s Michelin star kitchen in Langho. Master classes from Chef Ambassador Nigel Haworth and visiting guest chefs are on selected dates. From £210 per person.

Love to Learn to Cook: Classes are held in the kitchen of a qualified food technology teacher in Lytham. There are courses for adults and children. Prices vary from £35 to £105. Discounts for two or more people. For more information visit http://www.lovetolearntocook.co.uk