Girl left shaken after failure on Morecambe Carnival ride

The Health and Safety Executive is making inquiries into a '˜mechanism failure' on one of the rides at Morecambe Carnival on Sunday.

By The Newsroom
Tuesday, 22nd August 2017, 1:06 pm
Updated Monday, 11th September 2017, 12:17 pm
Katie Sharp, 11,  from Morecambe.
Katie Sharp, 11, from Morecambe.

Eleven-year-old Katie Sharp was left shaken and bruised after the incident.

Thankfully, a safety mechanism kicked in following the initial failure.

Her mum Sharon Sharp said: “She must have had an angel protecting her as she walked away with just cuts and bruises on her legs.”

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A police spokesman said they had been called to the incident after reports that a harness had come undone on one of the rides.

Scott Harrison, operator of Miami Shockwaves, explained: “One of the mechanisms failed but nobody was dangling off or had an accident and the safety mechanism kicked in.

“The ride came to a stop, we got everybody off, everybody got a refund and the carnival health and safety team came over.”

Mr Harrison added that the ride was checked and ran without any further incidents for the rest of the day.

David Brayshaw, organiser of Morecambe Carnival, said: “One of the seams came loose but the good thing is that the barrier safety bar worked. Nobody fell out of the ride, the safety stopping device on the ride was implemented.

“The safety device on the unit worked the way it should and the ride had all the safety certificates in place, it was just an unfortunate incident.”

A Health and Safety Executive spokesman said: “HSE is aware of the incident and is making initial inquiries.”