Giant horse Herkules from Chorley is named the best of his kind at national show

A giant horse has been labelled as the best of its kind at the world’s biggest shire horse show.

Herkules with owner Stephen Nolan (Image: Stephen Nolan)
Herkules with owner Stephen Nolan (Image: Stephen Nolan)

Shire horse Herkules has been named the Best Grey Colt at the 2019 National Shire Horse Show.

And to go alongside the accreditation, Herkules – who stands at more than 17 hands high – was given a Premium award because of his unique grey coat.

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Herkules with owner Stephen Nolan (Image: Stephen Nolan)

"We really did not expect it.

“We knew he was a good horse but to do as well as he did, to have all these people telling us how well he’s was brilliant.”

The 48-year-old added: “It’s the cream of the crop, which makes it all that bit better.”

And Stephen revealed how he received a significant offer from a private bidder at the show to take Herkules off his hands.

“I didn’t buy him to sell”, he explained.

“The last time we bred shires was around 20 years ago.

"There’s very few grey foals about so the plan is to use him and try and see if we get a few from the mares I’ve got at the farm.”

Last November Bolton’s Bank Top Brewery named a 6.5 per cent ale after the giant horse, called Herkules White Walker.