Galaxy's shocking find!

A dog-walking business has gone viral online after a chocolate labrador discovered a huge sex toy while out at a former colliery site.

Thursday, 11th August 2016, 10:52 am
Updated Thursday, 11th August 2016, 11:54 am
Labrador Galaxy with the unusual item

Three-year-old Galaxy came trotting out of the bushes at Parkside in Newton-le-Willows carrying the unmistakable large black object in his mouth.

Dog walkers Natalie Ferguson and Amy Brown, who are from Newton-le-Willows and Wigan respectively. could barely believe their eyes as Galaxy proudly displayed his new trophy and then carried it around the colliery site for the rest of the walk.

Natalie, who runs dog walking business Ruby’s Walkies, said she and Amy then showed the discovery to Galaxy’s owner Ami Harrison and all of them were reduced to gales of laughter.

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She then decided to post about the unexpected event on Facebook and received a deluge of replies from amused friends and family.

Natalie, 31, said: “It’s certainly caused a bit of a stir. Not many people go to the old colliery site so you don’t expect this kind of thing to crop up.

“Galaxy likes to pick up logs and tree branches and carry them around and when we got to a junction he went the way we sometimes go.

“There were two men with a drone and the dogs don’t like them so we called them back. Galaxy started running towards us and we both had the realisation it wasn’t a log in his mouth.

“As he got closer Amy said: ‘I think that’s...’ and I said: ‘No, surely it can’t be...’ and then we said; ‘Yes, that’s exactly what it is’. We were both a little bit stunned and appalled.

“We were laughing most of the time. Fortunately the two guys with the drone only glanced at us or they might have thought differently of us dog walkers.

“He was trying to give it to us but obviously we didn’t want to touch it without gloves. He proudly carried it away and held it for pretty much the rest of the walk.

“We took Galaxy home and I shouted to Ami to see what he had found. She was also gobsmacked and a bit dumbfounded and then us three girls were all standing in the back garden laughing about it.

“It was quite unbelievable, more so because of the size of it than what it was.”

Amy’s husband Steve Harrison, who is also from Newton-le-Willows, retrieved the sex toy and decided to donate it as a prize the following day at a fund-raising golf tournament for his football club.

Fortunately, it was Steve himself along with his playing partner who won the competition and were awarded the prize, which is now on display at a local pub.