Furious mum campaigning after toddler left covered in dog poo

A furious mum is campaigning to keep the streets of Leyland and Chorley clean after her toddler was left covered in dog poo.

Monday, 22nd August 2016, 5:10 pm
Updated Monday, 22nd August 2016, 6:14 pm
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Nicola Rainford, 25, was walking home from nursery in Leyland with her two-year-old daughter Madison in her pram when she realised she had been touching her shoes which were caked in dog dirt.

Now Nicola, who has lived in Chorley and Leyland, is taking the matter into her own hands by asking people to carry dog bags around with them - even if they do not own a dog - to put a stop to this problem.

She said: “When I realised my daughter had dog poo on her hands I was fuming.

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“Not with her, but with the fact she had it on her, because someone couldn’t be bothered to pick it up.

“I was thankful she didn’t put her hands near her face but I was so worried that she would have done and she could have gotten poorly.

“It angers me that people couldn’t care less about others - children are playing amongst this and they often fall, and dog poo is dangerous. Something needs to be done.”

After the incident, Nicola started campaigning for people to carry dog bags around.

“If we want streets cleaner we need to pull together. Carry dog bags and if you see an owner leaving it, offer them one.

“I know its not the job of anyone other than the owners but let’s pick it up too.

“It all helps and this issue can potentially get better if we start doing a little bit now.

“I really believe this can be changed if only people are willing to help.

“Let’s spread the word like some dog owners are spreading the dirt.”

Chorley Council is reminding dog owners if they are caught leaving dog foul, they will receive a £75 fine.

Councillor Paul Walmsley, who tackles dog fouling, said: “Dog fouling is something we clamp down on because it’s unpleasant, looks a mess and, more importantly, it can also be dangerous to children.”

Dog foul offences can be reported at chorley.gov.uk.