Frugal readers cheer the cheap KFC Valentine

The news of a £13 Valentine's Day dinner on offer at KFC has been welcomed by some of the Evening Post's more frugal readers.
Date: Tom Phillips and Hattie Levett-Dunn at KFCDate: Tom Phillips and Hattie Levett-Dunn at KFC
Date: Tom Phillips and Hattie Levett-Dunn at KFC

Instead of splashing out on an expensive dinner, plus roses and possibly a bit of bling jewellery, many readers are seeing the attraction of a more reasonably priced love token.

Sam Jay posted on our Facebook page: “Not going to lie, I’d be happy with this.”

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While Nicia Thomas added: “Just up our street that, shall we cancel Hesketh Arms?”

Leonard Sharples posted to his partner: “I have sorted Valentine’s out, you said you wanted to keep it cheap, lol.”

But the idea didn’t find universal favour, with plenty of people deciding that a bargain bucket of chicken wasn’t their idea of a romantic night out, even with KFC’s ‘soft drink sommelier’ on hand.

Simon Preston posted: “My other half would castrate me if I did that.”

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While Deborah Warnock warned: “Someone will get a slap if he tried to take me to KFC.”

The chain is offering table service for Valentine’s Day, and the idea is to be piloted in Preston’s Fishergate branch this year.

Gary Mather, regional general manager said; “A spicy zinger burger is all you need for love at first bite and our table is perfect for any hot date this Valentine’s Day.

“Our date night table offers diners the finest window seat with an exclusive view of Fishergate – a perfect setting for our finger lickin’ good chicken.”

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