From terminal illness to singing sensation Preston singer Gemma Louise Doyle is living her dream

'There was one time my parents rushed two hours on the motorway to get to the hospital '“ they have since told me doctors had phoned them saying I would not make it through the night.'

By The Newsroom
Monday, 13th August 2018, 10:37 am
Updated Monday, 13th August 2018, 5:38 pm
Entertainer Gemma Louise Doyle
Entertainer Gemma Louise Doyle

Preston-born singer song writer Gemma Louise Doyle believes in miracles.

Having survived that night during her teenage years, today the 26-year-old is gracing some of the biggest international stages, performing to thousands alongside some of the industry’s biggest stars.

Not to mention five albums under her belt. The versatile entertainer, who has a four-octave voice and also speaks six languages, is quite literally living her dream.

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Returning back to her Preston office, off the back of her very rigorous schedule, she says: “I believe that everyone has a significant purpose in life, to make a difference and help each other.”

Born in Preston and raised near Leyland, Gemma has quite the interesting back story.

She first discovered a passion for music at three years old, listening to cassette tapes and then recording her own at home.

Gemma says from that early age she knew she wanted to dedicate her all to music but grew up quite a shy child.

Gemma performs on the international stage for private and corporate parties and events. She has also released five albums, the most recent called Transpire was released in November last year

But she was not to know what a life-changing impact her singing would have until she reached her teenage years, and found herself hospitalised for the best part of five years.

Diagnosed with what doctors said was a ‘terminal illness’, Gemma says it was a truly frightening time for her and the family.

At one point she was told she had just hours to live. Confined to a hospital bed, in Preston Royal Hospital, Gemma was transferred between hospitals seeing different specialists, covered in tubes and life monitoring systems.

She recalls: “I was too young for the doctors to tell me precisely what was going on, but throughout the months I was moved to different parts of various hospitals, and I remember my parents rushing two hours along the motorway to see me urgently.

Gemma, 26, also shares messages of inspiration to her following

“They have since told me that doctors phoned them saying that I would not make it through the night.”

With little else, Gemma again started to embrace her music; what she soon discovered was the more she sang, the stronger she began to feel.

She adds:“I started receiving messages of praise and gratitude from other patients, who said it was having a very positive impact on their own recovery and it hit me, I suddenly found the confidence I hadn’t had before.

“With my talent I could draw the strength and courage to fulfil my dream of singing on stage and inspire many other people across the world. “That became my mission.”

Gemma has performed all over the world London to Las vegas

Gemma continued to sing and finally well enough to leave hospital, in 2010, aged 18, she set out to devote herself to a career in the music industry, no mean feat; especially having just defied the odds with life-threatening illness.

Building her confidence, Gemma threw herself into performing for various events and talent competitions.

“Success in this industry everyone knows does not come easy, I have had to work hard at it.”

With a career now spanning eight years Gemma has exceeded her own ambitions, performing in Las Vegas, on stages in London’s most renowned theatres and at more than 2,500 events worldwide with the likes of Jimmy Osmond, Ed Sheeran and McFly.

Her audiences range from prime ministers and royalty, in their private properties to corporate events. She has been invited to sing at the home of Billy Connelly and headlined on some of the most prestigious cruise liners and concert halls.

“My greatest passion in life is to uplift and inspire people with music and live performances” says Gemma.

Gemma Louise Doyle

“The illness made things really difficult things for such a long time but my core belief is minds strength inside can affect recovery.

“Every thought and our focus literally can help determine our own lives – it was a vital part of my recovery.

“We all have our unique talents – for me the best feeling in the world is being on stage and the way music can change how people feel.

“The best feeling in our lives is helping to make people feel happier.”

Gemma is currently performing for a whole range of different events, from corporate functions and even international weddings.

She adds: “I strongly believe that we all have a power within us to be who we choose.

“We are all one. We’re all as deserving, of the best that life can bring on this planet, and we are always rewarded when do what is right, with good intentions – even if it’s just the incredible feeling of being true to another person and our selves.

“I’ve met a lot of people, from around the world, from different backgrounds, health conditions, ages, gender, nationalities.

“I haven’t had success handed to me easily.

“I commit every day and night to studying what I do, building contacts, networking, reaching more followers on social media, creating videos, editing my website, writing songs, planning my shows and events.

“I’m travelling to different cities, towns and villages every week, sometimes driving up to 20 hours per weekend and getting back at 6am, all because it’s in my heart to inspire people.

“Michael Jackson lived this way, so did Whitney Houston, Prince, as do Will Smith, Beyonce Knowles, comedian Jim Carrey and many more.”

To date Gemma has recorded five albums – her repertoire ranges from pop and the American Song Book to musical theatre and popular classical hits.

She also records her own material and has collaborated with big name producers to develop her talents

Gemma’s first ever original song to be officially released on iTunes, in September 2017, Reason, made it into the UK Music Charts

She reveals: “Co-written with former member of Iron Maiden, Tony Moore the song is based upon the true story of how music saved my life. For the first time, I’d got the single on iTunes, Spotify and hundreds of platforms.”

Gemma credits the likes of Evanescence, Enya and Hans Zimmer for inspiring her and describes her style of music as a unique fusion of pop and rock and her four-octave voice.

Her latest album, Transpire, was released in November 2017.

Gemma is now busy with engagements for the rest of the year and couldn’t be happier.

But in her spare time, Gemma teaches others to find and develop their own singing talent and find ways into the professional music and entertainment industries, or simply express themselves through a love and enjoyment of singing.

She also hosts an inspirational message page through her website to help all those with their own limitations.

“A lot of what I do is dedicated to my fans and followers – who have stuck by me.

“The key to happiness is to live every moment, as you know you should. Follow your intuition,” she says.

“In order to do this, you have to give the very best of your talent, study, work hard and develop yourself to share your gift to make other people’s lives better, and to make the world a better place.”

Find Gemma’s music, albums, or downloads via her website at