Fish death lodges are restocked

A fish restocking operation took place at Farington Lodges on Monday.

Wednesday, 28th March 2018, 8:08 pm
Updated Friday, 30th March 2018, 11:55 am
Clean-up operation at Farington Lodges after thousands of dead fish were found

The waters were then closed and a clean up operation involving the Environment Agency was launched.

The Environment Agency said the tragedy at the Lodge Lane site was as a result of water run-off from a major fire at nearby wood shavings and sawdust supplier Whitfire Shavings.

Aeration units were used to raise the oxygen levels before the lodges were handed back to fishing licence holder Withnell Angling Club.

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Councillor Graham Walton, cabinet member for neighbourhoods and streetscene, said: “The work we carried out today restocking the fish at Farington Lodges is very welcome news. After the issues we faced in June 2016 – with poor oxygen levels resulting in deaths of many fish – we salvaged the pond and made sure it was a safe habitat in which fish could live.

“This isn’t the only work we’ve been doing down at the lodge in conjunction with Withnell Anglers, though. Overhanging trees have been cut back, we’ve tidied up areas of bracken and undergrowth, and we’ve introduced new footpaths - so we are continually looking to improve the ecological status of the area for the benefit of all.

“I can also reveal that a dipping platform for children is planned. I’d like to thank the local angling clubs for all their support - especially Barretts and Jays Fishing Club, and also the Environment Agency, who together kindly allowed fish to be transferred from the Moss Side Pond.”

The Environment Agency said: “The Environment Agency has carried out fishery management at Barrett’s and Jays pond, Leyland.

“It was found during a recent fish survey there were too many fish in the pond.

“With the current number of fish, it’s likely a mortality would have occurred during hot weather as the pond wouldn’t be able to support the number of fish.

“With the support of South Ribble Borough Council and the leading angling club, Barrett’s and Jays Angling Club, 140kg of roach and bream were removed and relocated to Farington Lodge.

“Reducing the population of fish at Barrett’s and Jays enabled the population at Farington lodge to be enhanced where Withnell Anglers lease the lodges and are working with the council to develop them as Fisheries. 50kg of small carp were also removed from Barrett’s and Jays and relocated to Turbary House Coarse Fishery.”