Firefighters called to rescue of two men in Lancaster

Lancaster fire service was called to the rescue of two men this morning; one aged 60 and one in his 30s.

Crews were called to an address at Heaton Road at around 2.10am after neighbours heard a smoke alarm going off.

A man, around 30-years-old, had accidentally left a pan with food in it on top of a turned-on cooker before falling asleep.

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A fire service spokesman said: “We had to force entry to the flat. We managed to extinguish the fire and deal with the smoke.

“The man wasn’t taken to hospital but was assessed by ambulance services and was deemed to be well.

“He was lucky that he didn’t take in any of the smoke.”

Firefighters were later called at 3.30am to help paramedics gain access to a property on Scale Hall Lane where a 60-year-old man had fallen and suffered a suspected broken wrist.

The man had been able to alert emergency services to his situation but could not get to the front door to let them in.