Fire crews called after oven blaze breaks out

Harcourt Road in Lancaster. Picture: GoogleHarcourt Road in Lancaster. Picture: Google
Harcourt Road in Lancaster. Picture: Google
Fire crews were called to a blaze that broke out in a home involving a mini oven.

They went to Harcourt Road in Lancaster at about 11.15pm on Monday.

The oven had not been cleaned and had a build-up of fat, and it caught fire after it was switched on to pre-heat.

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The occupier switched off the oven and two people, along with several pets, were able to escape the house and call the fire service. The fire was out when they arrived.

Watch manager Warren Topp said: “The fire service would like to commend the occupier for his quick thinking in isolating the oven, closing the door on the fire and evacuating the occupants of the house prior to calling the fire service.”

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