Fightback begins in battle for Fulwood Barracks

The first shots in the defence of Fulwood Army Barracks have been fired.

By The Newsroom
Wednesday, 9th November 2016, 9:17 am
Updated Wednesday, 16th November 2016, 5:04 pm
Ben Wallace
Ben Wallace

Within 24 hours of the shock news that the Government plans to sell off the 168-year-old military base, a petition had been launched to overturn the decision.

And Evening Post readers entered the battle with their own shock and awe reaction, calling on Lancashire MPs to help protect what one described as “as big part of our heritage.

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Fulwood Barracks

The Ministry of Defence has included Fulwood in a list of 50 forces properties it proposes to close by 2022.

But even though that is more than five years off, a campaign to save the historic home of Lancashire infantry regiments is already up and running.

The petition, which requires 10,000 signatures to force Westminster to take notice - 100,000 names would spark a debate in the Commons - was launched on the Government’s website.

Called “Overturn the decision to sell off Preston’s historic Fulwood Barracks,” it says: “The decision to announce the end of the home of the Duke of Lancaster’s regiment as part of the biggest sell-offs of military land any Government has ever announced has been met with shock, surprise and anger by the people of Lancashire.”

Fulwood Barracks

The decision to decommission Fulwood comes just 12 months after Army top brass announced a plan to extend and improve the barracks as part of a £10m investment in the North West.

It was said at the time 200 more troops would be moving to the base and plans included new Quartermasters stores and extensions to the officers’ mess building.

That application followed less than a year after earlier improvements including extending the sergeants mess and also improving the sergeants and junior ranks accommodation.

Scores of Post readers, including some ex-service personnel who had been based at Fulwood, have voiced their anger at the closure on-line.

Linda Fisher wrote: “We need a strong presence in the North West. We provide 25 per cent of the Army infantry.”

David Hampton said: “Sad, sad news.” Vicki Watts commented: “It’s an institution for Preston.”

Dave Halliwell wrote: “They’ll end up as very expensive houses/apartments as a lot of the buildings are listed within the barracks.”

Another reader said: “This affects the whole of the North West. We need to ensure all areas understand the implications.”

And Javid Abdul-Razak added: “Just goes to show the UK Government’s attitude and care towards servicemen/women and their families.”

Ben Wallace, pictured, the Wyre and Preston North MP, has already said he will be taking up the matter in Westminster. “I’m going to take this the minister responsible and make a robust case to reject the closure,” said the former officer in the Scots Guards. “I am deeply disappointed with the announcement.”