Ever get your revenge on a bully? Here are the stories from people who did...

People who took revenge on their bully, what happened?
Reddit users told their stories of revenge onlineReddit users told their stories of revenge online
Reddit users told their stories of revenge online

That was a question posed to users on internet site Reddit recently, with answers flooding in.

Some delivered a true sense of justice, others made us chuckle, while some were downright sadistic.

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User KNSF plumped for a classic revenge on a 'former man-child neighbour' who he claimed would chuck rubbish in his garden and let his drunk friends urinate on his house.

"He escalated to putting rat poison in hot dogs and throwing them to my German Shepherd mix," he wrote.

"I saw her convulsing, and found three packages worth of hot dogs studded with pellets right along the fence. She pulled through, no worse for wear. Cops said I couldn't prove who did it.

"So the next time he threw garbage in my yard, which usually contained the guts/waste from his hunting and fishing, I gathered fish guts into a bag, waited until he left, and put them in the rafters of his porch, under the hedges in his yard, and finally inside his air conditioner unit.

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"About three days later he had all the doors and windows open.

"The following week he was having the carpet replaced throughout the house.

Eventually the guts rotted away and the smell faded, but I think he knew I did it, because I never found trash in my yard again."

nubsauce87 went for something a little more traditional: "I learned how to fight, then beat the hell out of him.

"He left me alone from then on.

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"Got in trouble with the school, but when they called my dad to tell him I was fighting, he said, 'Yeah, I bet. I paid for the lessons. Was it that little **** who's been bullying him?'"

"I did not get in trouble at home."

And IT worker trivial_sublime relied on coincidence to allow him to exact his revenge after a student at his university reneged on a deal to swap his free food voucher at McDonald's for a cigarette following a night out.

"I ... tried reasoning with her (seriously, over one cigarette). She then called over a couple of guy friends and said that I was falsely accusing her of stealing from me, and her friends all backed her up.

"She looked me in the eyes and said, 'You shouldn't be so trusting.'

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"Fast forward to Monday; We had job interviews ... and I happened to be passing through, replacing a computer.

"I also happened to see the same pink-stripe-in-hair individual that had stolen the McDonald's coupon from me the week before in line.

"I went to the person conducting the interviews and told him that she was a thief and a liar.

"On my way out, I smiled and waved. She didn't recognize me.

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"She didn't get the job, and the interviewer thanked me for my contribution to the interview process."

Cloakofbloke's answer was succinct, but equally as satisfying. He said: "I graduated and they are either drug dealers, in jail, or dead."

What are your tales of revenge? Leave them below...

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