Even bee stings, wrong socks and a slight fall couldn't spoil the big day

Michael Powell and Emma Marsh made their own piece of history at their wedding reception inside a medieval banqueting hall.

Sunday, 21st August 2016, 9:41 am
Michael and Emma Powell

The Chorley couple tied the knot at Park Hall surrounded by their friends and family and felt the hall, which dates back to 996AD was a special venue for their big day.

But the morning of the wedding wasn’t exactly plain sailing.

Said Michael, a motorcycle sales executive said: I stayed in the village at the hotel with my two boys and on the morning of the wedding I was woken up by the fire alarm going off. Confused having been startled awake I jumped up out of bed and as I put my foot on the floor I stood on a bee which stung me on my foot right between my toes!

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“I was hopping around the hotel room with the bee still attached to my foot whilst the alarm was still going off. My boys had woken up and found the events that where unfolding hilarious!” Ironically when Michael went into the bathroom in the bridal suite later in the day, the complimentary soaps were called ‘Beekind’ and had pictures of bees on them!

The mishaps didn’t end there either. The groom’s party all had special socks to wear - personalised with their roles for the day, but the groom had forgotten to put his on and had to do a quick sock change at the last minute. Emma, a stock controller, also had a slight mishap when she fell backwards getting out of of a beautiful, yet unconvential VW camper van which doubled up as their wedding car.

“Thankfully she fell back into the car and never damaged or dirtied the dress,” said Michael, “she did however hurt her back but being the trooper she is she carried on regardless.”

The couple knew each other at school and met again through social media.

Michel proposed to Emma at their home. He got dressed up in his best suit for the occasion.

“I rang the house phone from my mobile and asked Emma to come upstairs for a minute. She was slightly confused when she walked into the room to see me all suited and booted. I asked her to sit down on the bed, I then got down on one knee in front of her, told her how much that I loved her and that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with her. I then opened the ring box and asked her to marry me, thankfully she said yes.”