Protestors to demonstrate outside Lancashire nuclear plant

The Springfields nuclear facility at Salwick, near PrestonThe Springfields nuclear facility at Salwick, near Preston
The Springfields nuclear facility at Salwick, near Preston
Protestors are to target a Lancashire nuclear facility this weekend.

Anti-nuclear campaigners are to form a blockade made from nuclear waste barrels outside the Springfields nuclear fuel plant, in Salwick, near Preston, tomorrow (Saturday).

The campaigners are calling for the government to end investment in nuclear energy.

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South West Against Nuclear (SWAN) spokesperson Shana Deal says government’s policy is preventing cleaner energy solutions from being developed.

She said: “It is a tragedy that the government has decided to promote nuclear power as the answer to our energy crisis. Nuclear power will cost us twice as much as renewable energy and it will leave us with a toxic legacy of nuclear waste for hundreds of years.

WWe need a bolder vision. Energy storage is now making renewable energy a much more robust solution. If the government put its support behind wave and tidal power, these new technologies could provide the kind of base load that has been the exclusive domain of the nuclear sector so far.”

Ms Deal claimed the government’s refusal to back a tidal lagoon project ini Swansea, and the offer of £16bn investment in a new nuclear power station at Wylfa, on Anglesey, show “ a lack of vision”.

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