NATURE NOTES - Test your wildlife knowledge ...

Well Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without a quiz or two. Here’s 20 wildlife questions to test those ‘little grey cells’ in 2020!

By Graham Workman
Wednesday, 23rd December 2020, 2:55 pm
Updated Wednesday, 23rd December 2020, 3:15 pm
A Robin redbreast
A Robin redbreast

Some questions are really easy, others not so and some real stinkers to test you.

1. How may legs has a spider?

2. Which is Britain’s heaviest bird, it also lays the largest egg and was very popular with Royalty as the ‘main course’ on Christmas Day.

3. What’s the largest bird in the world? It also has the largest eye of any terrestrial bird. (Legend has it that a cooked one would see you through the week!).

4. Which is Britain’s smallest resident bird?

5. What is the largest and heaviest mammal in the world?

6. Which Robin redbreast has the red breast – the male or the female?

7. How many legs (tentacles) has an octopus?

8. In 1971 a Giant Squid was caught off the Scottish coast – was it 3 metres, 6 metres or even longer?

9. What’s the name of our largest moth?

10. What are the two most dangerous insects in the world?

11. Still on insects – what’s the most destructive insect?

12. What’s the most dangerous jellyfish found off our coast?

13. What’s the favourite host for fleas?

14. Centipedes have exactly 100 legs – true or false?

15. Millipedes have a thousand legs – true or false?

16. What’s the largest wild land mammal found in Britain?

17. What’s the smallest wild land mammal found in Britain?

18. What’s the smallest spider recorded in Britain?

19. What’s the largest terrestrial mammal in the world?

20. And finally what’s the fastest flying bird (measured in level flight) in the world?

Answers next week.

So all that I need to do is wish you all a very merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.