Cuadrilla's warning to protesters ahead of 'fortnight of action' plans

Cuadrilla has warned protesters that it will enforce a High Court Injunction if a planned 'fortnight of action' oversteps the mark.
Protesters at the Preston New Road fracking site last yearProtesters at the Preston New Road fracking site last year
Protesters at the Preston New Road fracking site last year

National activist group Reclaim the Power is launching Break the Chain from June 11 to 24 to “disrupt companies across the UK supplying services and materials to the fracking industry”.

That will be followed by Block Around the Clock, a protest of unprecedented scale and duration in Lancashire’s seven year long anti-fracking history.

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They are backing the local campaign against the fracking industry which they fear will cause pollution, earth tremors and health problems.

Protesters on top of a delivery truckProtesters on top of a delivery truck
Protesters on top of a delivery truck

But today a Cuadrilla spokesman said: “Having brought delay and disruption to thousands of Lancashire commuters last summer, Reclaim The Power is now threatening to do the same again this year.

“Local people and businesses in Lancashire have made it abundantly clear that do not want these self-publicising activists from Oxford, London and elsewhere disrupting Lancashire roads and business.

“Reclaim the Power’s claims about the public health risks of exploring for shale gas in Lancashire are wholly unfounded as Public Health England have already confirmed. “Far from being “on the ropes” Cuadrilla’s operations alone have already contributed nearly £9m into the Lancashire economy over

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the past two years and we are close to demonstrating that Lancashire shale gas can and will be safely and responsibly produced.

“We would remind any activists to bear in mind the recent High Court Injunction awarded to Cuadrilla on June 1 by Judge Pelling.

“This injunction prohibits obstruction of the Preston New Road Highway or the shale exploration site entrance and also direct action such as blockades, or lorry climbs against named suppliers to Cuadrilla. Breaching a High Court injunction carries very serious penalties for those found guilty and Cuadrilla will not hesitate to enforce its legal rights.”

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