Architect reveals futuristic vision for Preston Docks . . . complete with a sandy beach and floating hotel pods

Preston with its own beach? A Costa del Docks with floating hotel pods?

Friday, 10th July 2020, 3:45 pm
Updated Monday, 13th July 2020, 8:16 am
How Preston's beach could look.

Those are just some of the radical ideas of an architect who thinks his home city should be making better use of its waterfront.

John Bridge and his imaginative team have come up with some futuristic suggestions for the Docklands area to encourage discussion about an asset which he feels could offer so much more.

“As a father of two, to have a place to take your children, and a proper destination to bring people to from outside Preston, would be wonderful,” said John whose studio in Winckley Square is called the Artistry House.

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An imaginary aerial view of the Costa del Docks.

“We’re just doing this without any politics in mind. It’s a vision and it’s coming from a good place. If it starts a discussion that would be great.”

Back in March John threw some ideas into the public domain about how a replacement for the recently condemned Old Tram Bridge over the River Ribble could look. His designs for a garden bridge in its place were well-received by the public.

Now he has switched his attention to the Docklands and suggested just what could be done there with a bit of civic imagination.

“It’s just another little idea and vision off our own bat to inspire and create some discussion about how we could regenerate the docks,” he explained.

Floating hotel pods are an unusual addition.

“As a Prestonian it would be nice to get some investment into that area.

“It’s a crying shame what it looks like down there. And I would like to see it revamped and turned into a destination.

“A beach area and floating hotel pods are just ideas. Lytham has its beach huts, so why shouldn’t Preston have floating pods?

"Let’s get people talking about what could be done with that area.”

A hotel pod on the water.

Reaction to the Studio John Bridge images on social media has largely been positive. One wrote: “At last a vision for thre docks.” Another said: “Looks absolutely magnificent.”

Another suggested the term "Costa del Docks," while others said “wow,” “loving it” and “Preston doesn’t make enough of the docks.”