Drunk tried to gouge out policeman's eye

A drunken man was said to have tried to gouge a sergeant's eye when police were attempting to arrest him, a court heard.
Burnley Magistrates CourtBurnley Magistrates Court
Burnley Magistrates Court

Scott Anthony Robinson (43) also kicked out, striking another officer in the trouble, which upset onlookers outside a Colne pub.

He struck while on a conditional discharge for shouting and swearing at volunteers after he claimed someone jumped the queue at a soup kitchen, Burnley magistrates were told.

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Robinson, of Rutland Street, Nelson, admitted assault by beating, resisting police and being drunk and disorderly, on May 30th. He was given a 12 month community order, with 40 hours unpaid work and must pay an £85 victim surcharge, £85 costs and £50 compensation.

Prosecutor Mrs Alex Mann told the court police were called to the Spinning Mill in Burnley Road at 10pm and the defendant was volatile, visibly swaying and seemed to have been complaining he had been assaulted. He was shouting and swearing, became more volatile and started to object to leaving without his girlfriend.

Mrs Mann said officers gave Robinson warnings to be quiet down but he became violent. They tried to arrest him and he grabbed at Sgt Lee Turner’s ear and twice tried to get his finger into the officer’s left eye socket, also kicking out.

In court, Robinson denied he had tried to gouge the eye and David Norman (defending him) said it was the first offence for assault on his record. Mr Norman added: “His partner was still in the pub. She had recently been subjected to an assault when left on her own. Coupled with the drink he had had, his behaviour became unacceptable.”

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