Drowning teenager rescued by brave bystander from Ward's Reservoir

A teenager who got into difficulty while swimming at Ward's Reservoir was rescued by a brave member of the public.

Sunday, 6th June 2021, 9:54 am
Updated Monday, 7th June 2021, 3:48 pm

The teenager got into difficulty after going for a swim in Ward's Reservoir - known locally as the Blue Lagoon - in "an attempt to cool off" on Saturday (June 5).

Watching the situation unfold, a concerned member of the public bravely dragged him from the water to safety before calling 999.

The boy was taken to hospital for treatment and is now recovering, officers said.

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A spokesman for Lancashire Police said: "Although this was commendable I urge everyone not to swim in these areas as it is not safe.

We understand that the weather was beautiful and you want to enjoy the scenery but please use some common sense.

"Don't drink and swim in these areas, next time it might not be such a good outcome."

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The teenager got into difficulty after going for a swim in Ward’s Reservoir in "an attempt to cool off".

Why is it dangerous to swim in reservoirs?

Reservoirs may look inviting, especially on a hot day, but they are about the worst possible places to take a swim, according to United Utilities:

- The water never really gets above 11°C, there’s hidden machinery and there’s no lifeguard on duty

- Reservoirs are often in isolated places

- There may be hidden currents

- There may be hidden obstacles beneath the surface

- It may be difficult to get out

- There might be blue green algae in the water

To find out more about reservoir safety, click HERE.

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