Drone search finds missing dog near Lancaster

A flying drone was instrumental in helping to find a dog lost on moorland above Lancaster.

Thursday, 21st September 2017, 2:45 pm
Updated Thursday, 21st September 2017, 3:50 pm
Jack Cordingley with one of his drones.

Holly , a black and white springer spaniel, was out on the Abbeystead/Mallowdale Fell area near Lancaster when she disappeared and her frantic owners Beth and Darren Thompson immediately started searching for her.

Beth put a poster on social media and dogs lost sites and the couple searched with their other dogs but still couldn’t find Holly.

Jack Cordingley of Carnforth, who owns JC Drones, was first aware of Holly’s plight when he was tagged from a site called DroneSARForLostDogsUK which monitors lost dogs and the areas they have gone missing.

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Holly was missing until she was found with the help of a flying drone.

Jack said: “I’m one of 200 c0mmercial or hobbyist pilots that are members of this Facebook group, and was alerted to the dog lost in Abbeystead through the group as I live in the area.

“The Saturday morning, September 16, the day after Holly went missing, I got in touch with the dog’s owner Beth and we arranged to meet at 1pm in the Abbeystead area.

“I met up with Darren, Beth’s other half, and nipped up there with him.

“I did two or three different flights which took about 15 minutes and on the third try , went to an area where we thought she might be.

Holly was missing until she was found with the help of a flying drone.

“There was a swarm of bees and Holly perked up her ears and started running.

“Darren started to chase after her and the other guys on foot converged on the area where she was and she was saved.”

Owner Beth Thompson posted a picture on her Facebook page of herself with Holly, saying delightedly “Yes’ we’ve found her!”Jack, 28, formerly in the RAF, has been flying drones for five years now but only set up his business JC Drones in March.

He has also helped a man who had lost his dog on Coniston.

He said of finding Holly: “It was a good result! It was a bit manic, I didn’t know whether to run after her or not.

“I’m hoping to get a thermal imaging camera soon which I hope I can use to help the RNLI finding people.”

Jack has generously offered his services without charge to anyone who loses a dog within this area and south Cumbria

Visit JCDrones on Facebook.