Dominoes fall in Chorley as league splits into separate factions

A darts and dominoes league in Chorley has split following a row over leadership.

Members of the camp which has broken off say that the way The Chorley Darts and Dominoes League is being run could ultimately see it fold.

They are unhappy with the leadership of chairman Paul Derbyshire.

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One league member, who wishes to remain anonymous, said: “The chairman of the Darts and Dominoes League has a one sided view of how it should be run taking no consideration of the opinions from members of the league and allowing anyone to have a voice in order to refresh the league or make any changes to benefit the league.”

When the Guardian put the complaints raised to Mr Derbyshire he refused to comment.

Critics of Mr Derbyshire’s leadership ability have also complained about the banning from the league of certain individuals who have opposed him.

Another league member, who also did not want to be named said: “Our community needs to keep this league going but not with someone like him leading it.

“Teams are quitting and members are leaving.”

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Another committee member of the new breakaway group, The Chorley and District Darts and Dominoes Singles League, spoke of his vision for the new breakaway league.

He said: “We want to make the league a lot more competitive. We want to introduce some new competitions, increase the amount of prize money and buy new equipment for all of the pubs, so new dart boards, for example and new sets of dominoes.”

“The North West is a bit of a hot bed for darts and dominoes, there are a lot of professionals around this area and I was hoping to be able to entice some of those to come and play because it would be a big feather in our cap if we can get some of the people who have appeared on TV.”

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