Do you know how to spot a fake fiver? Tell-tale signs that your fiver is fake

The new fiver has only just been launched but already shoppers are being warned about a new scam that threatens to con you out of your hard earned cash.
FAKE FIVERS: Can you spot one?FAKE FIVERS: Can you spot one?
FAKE FIVERS: Can you spot one?

Rogues on Ebay and Gumtree have been using fake notes to pay for goods and leaving trusting sellers out of pocket.

Even though genuine banknotes are getting more sophisticated, police would still like your help to find those making, buying or selling counterfeit notes.

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So make sure you know how to spot a fake one by reading these tips to spot a fake fiver.

Signs to look out for

- Check the see-through window and the portrait of the Queen

- Make sure that the Elizabeth Tower is gold on the front of the note and silver on the back

- Check that the the foil below the see through window changes from 'five' to 'pounds' when tilted

- Check that the coronation crown appears in 3D

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- Use the ultra-violet feature to ensure that the note is not fake.

- Download the free Bank of England app on android and iOS to make sure your note is the real deal.

A police spokesperson has said that they were currently unaware of any new £5 notes in circulation.