Dear Darcy '“ thank you for saving my life

Teenager Darcy Wilan with Irene Sellers, whose life she saved.Teenager Darcy Wilan with Irene Sellers, whose life she saved.
Teenager Darcy Wilan with Irene Sellers, whose life she saved.
'Thank you for saving my life' '“ these were the words of an epileptic woman to a brave teenager who found her '¨collapsed in the street.

Irene Sellers suffered a seizure on her way home from playing pool and was lying on the floor.

Darcy Willan, a Heysham High School pupil, came across Irene on the pavement.

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Irene, 60, of Lord Street, who is deaf and has learning disabilities, said: “I go to Mencap and I made her a card with flowers on and it said inside, ‘Thank you for saving my life.’

“If it hadn’t been for Darcy I don’t think I would be here today. Everyone was walking past, I couldn’t hear or speak because I had a seizure. I think Darcy coped so well. Darcy is an amazing person and we are good friends now. “

Darcy, 14, of Clark Street, Poulton, said: “I saw something that looked like a bag of clothes but no-one else was stopping.I saw a crutch and thought ‘this isn’t right’.

“She could only speak for a little bit. I rang an ambulance.

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“She was going unconscious and I couldn’t keep her awake. My mum and brother came and brought her some duvets and blankets and gave her a hot water bottle.

“I sat with her and she said her toes, bottom and fingers felt like icicles.

“She got warmer and came round and then the ambulance came which took half an hour to 45 minutes to arrive.

“The ambulance crew said it seemed like the lady had an epileptic seizure.

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“She sent me a card from Mencap where she goes, it was a hand-made card to thank me for saving her life.

“I was very proud of myself.At the Heysham High Awards night I received a glass trophy for saving the lady’s life.”

Darcy works at Jo and Cass and lives with her mum Rosalyn, dad Paul and brother George, 13.

“When I told my school friends they didn’t believe me but when they saw I was up for an award they did,” she said.

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Heysham High’s annual Pride Awards were given out by Emma Murphy, ITV News correspondent, whose mother was a teacher at the school for many years.

The school’s Pride Awards celebrate “unsung heroes” from all age groups, who quietly and without any fuss, battle against all odds to achieve great things, perform unseen services for others or volunteer their time and talents in school and in the wider community.

Deputy headteacher Rosaleen Lynn, said: “The pride awards celebrate students who have demonstrated courage, determination and compassion, and Darcy’s actions are just exactly what we want the pride awards to show, to recognise students who have gone above and beyond.”

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