Daughter takes leap of faith for late mum

Jodie Brunton with her mum, Monica CarefootJodie Brunton with her mum, Monica Carefoot
Jodie Brunton with her mum, Monica Carefoot
A woman has paid tribute to her mother the best way she knew how - by jumping out of a plane.

Jodie Brunton, of Longridge, took part in a parachute jump in aid of Rosemere Cancer Foundation in memory of her mum, former deputy Mayoress Monica Carefoot who died of cancer on August 13, aged 56.

Monica, a former nurse, was diagnosed in early February this year with lymphoma of the central nervous system.

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Initially she responded well to chemotherapy at the Rosemere Centre. But the cancer returned and proved to be an aggressive form. As a result of her illness, Monica gave up her post of deputy Mayoress, along with her husband, Stuart, who acted as deputy Mayor.

Jodie Brunton with stepdad Stuart CarefootJodie Brunton with stepdad Stuart Carefoot
Jodie Brunton with stepdad Stuart Carefoot

Jodie, 22, of Longridge, said: “I was keen to support mum and contribute to the Rosemere Cancer Foundation and their valuable efforts to support cancer sufferers. We were convinced mum would be with us to watch but as time went on, she began to say ‘if she couldn’t be with me in person she would with me in spirit.’”

Monica’s sister, Josie May, said: “Jodie had an audience of more than 30 members of her family and friends on the day at Skydive Northwest in Flookburgh. It was a huge success. We are extremely proud of her. She has raised over £1,080 for the charity.

“Monica was married to Stuart Carefoot and following a year in the role of deputy Mayor and Mayoress of the Ribble Valley, they had been looking forward to taking up the role of Mayor and Mayoress in May this year until illness took over.

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“Monica had a long and distinguished career with the NHS, initially as an enrolled nurse. Later she went on to work in theatre as both an anaesthetist and scrub nurse.

Jodie Brunton after her parachute jumpJodie Brunton after her parachute jump
Jodie Brunton after her parachute jump

“She then moved to orthopaedics and became a staff nurse. Later she progressed to risk management. She had a special interest in moving and handling and was the lead in the trust for many years.

“Monica leaves her husband Stuart, son Owen, daughter Jodie and grandchildren Katie and Aaron, as well as her stepchildren, Hayley and Darrel and grandchildren Matt and Georgia and eight sisters Mary, Anne, Margaret, Janet, Cathy, Teresa, Julie and Josie and many nephew and nieces.”

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