Criticism of force changes

Moves by cash-strapped Lancashire Police to change the way it deals with some reports of crime have been criticised by the police.

Friday, 16th May 2014, 7:30 am
Major Changes: Lancashire Police no longer attends certain reports of crime.

The Evening Post reported this week that officers will now not attend some crimes if they believe there is not a “realistic chance” of being able to solve it.

Budget cuts mean the force will not always go out to reports of non-domestic burglaries, minor thefts and lost property.

The force also no longer sends crime scene investigation (CSI) teams to ‘routine’ vehicle crime and routine criminal damage incidents.

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Dozens of readers aired their views on our website.

A poster called Longton PNE said: “What an absolute disgrace. And things will get even worse. Because people will have no confidence in or respect for the Police they won’t be prepared to come forward and give evidence as witnesses and fewer and fewer criminals will be brought to justice.”

MickyPNE added: “I have no confidence in them now never mind with the new cuts.”

And Monkeymakeabrew posted: “It won’t be long now until people start taking the law into their own hands and the vigilante groups start up as the service we pay our taxes for can’t help.”

Police say even though the way they handle some reports of crime has changed they want to reassure the public they are still investigating them.

Assistant Chief Constable Mark Bates said: “I would like to reassure the public that, despite cuts and changes to the way we do things, we will continue to investigate crime and deliver the high quality policing services.”