Woman locked herself in toilets of Lancashire supermarket after downing bottle of alcohol

Emergency services responded to reports a woman had downed a bottle of alcohol before locking herself in the toilets of a supermarket in Lancashire.

Tuesday, 16th March 2021, 7:59 pm

Police and ambulance crews were spotted responding to an incident at the Sainsbury's store in Active Way, Burnley, yesterday afternoon (March 15).

After being asked why they were there by members of the public, officers revealed they were responding to reports a woman had locked herself in the toilet.

The woman, who had reportedly drank a bottle of alcohol, was eventually picked up by her family and taken home "safe and well".

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Police and ambulance crews were called to the Sainsbury's store in Active Way. (Credit: Lancashire Police)

"You may well have seen ourselves and our fantastic friends at North West Ambulance service outside Sainsbury's," a spokesman for Lancashire Police said.

"We were called to a female who had locked herself in the toilet after drinking a bottle of alcohol.

"The female was picked up by family and taken home safe and well.

"Be safe and don't lock yourself in a toilet."

How to help someone who has drunk too much

Acting quickly when you think someone has had too much to drink can help avoid more serious consequences, according to Drinkaware.

Remember, when someone has had too much to drink, their judgement might be impaired, so don’t get angry with them.

Get them a glass of water or a soft drink, or even some food. This will stop them drinking and give their bodies time to process the alcohol.

If you think someone might be experiencing alcohol poisoning, even if you have doubts, call 999 for an ambulance.

Someone affected by alcohol poisoning may experience:

- Vomiting

- Confusion

- Severely slurred speech

- Irregular or slow breathing

- Loss of coordination

- Pale or almost blue skin due to low body temperature

- Being conscious but unresponsive

- Passing out and being unconscious

To find out more, visit the Drinkaware website by clicking HERE.

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