Victims of fraud being targeted by '˜follow-up' scammers promising refunds

Fraudulent letters claiming to be from the National Fraud Intelligence Bureau have been sent out to victims of fraud in an attempt to con recipients out of even more funds.

Monday, 25th September 2017, 12:11 pm
Updated Monday, 25th September 2017, 12:17 pm
National Fraud Intelligence Bureau warning

The latest warning from Action Fraud is now advising people not to be duped by the somewhat credible looking letters promising a refund to money previously stolen.

The letters which use the National Fraud Intelligence Bureau branding and the name of the City of London Police’s Commissioner appear to look legitimate, however, scammers are using this tactic to gather personal banking details and commit fraud.

Most notably reports have stated that recipients send their personal details to a South African bank.

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Action Fraud have said that anyone receiving any unexpected letters from people or companies to end all contact immediately should they request bank details or money.

Attempting to appear credible

City of London Police are now advising people who receive such letters to report it immediately to Action Fraud.

City of London Police’s Detective Chief Inspector Andy Fyfe said: “This fraudulent letter is clearly not something that the National Fraud Intelligence Bureau would send to the public. It takes advantage of people's’ trust in order to steal money from those who have already fallen victim.

“By using recognised organisations, including the National Fraud Intelligence Bureau’s branding and the City of London Police’s reputation, the fraudsters are attempting to appear credible. If you are unsure about a letter you have received from the National Fraud Intelligence Bureau, please contact Action Fraud directly before giving away any of your personal details.”

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