Vandal who begged a court not to send her to jail committed further serious offences

A vandal granted bail after begging a court not to send her to prison went on to commit further serious offences.

By The Newsroom
Monday, 30th May 2016, 9:17 am
Updated Monday, 30th May 2016, 11:23 am
Gavel and scales
Gavel and scales

Megan Brittany Quinn, 42, carried out a string of vandalism offences in Blackpool in 2015, culminating in an incident in which she waved a knife at shop staff.

Quinn was living in the Poulton Road area of Blackpool at the time but has since moved to Walton Parade, Preston.

Former Blackpool neighbour Christian Simpson, 48, his partner Ruth Goldstone, 46, and their twin sons, nine, said they were left terrified by Quinn’s behaviour in the area.

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He said: “Quinn moved in with her boyfriend in October 2014 and it was awful from the start. My sons have had to witness this.

“One night we had a knock at the door and (she) started shouting abuse and spat at me.”

Quinn later appeared in court after smashing a pint glass against the family’s lounge window.

At that hearing she was given bail after her lawyer said: “My client is very anxious she is not sent to the wrong prison.

“She is transgender and we have had recent publicity about two such people who were sent to male prisons and killed themselves.”

Mr Simpson said: “When Quinn went to court, we felt reassured about her being on remand. But an hour later, she walked past the window because she was bailed. The kids were terrified. My sons both wet the bed now because of Quinn.

“As soon as alcohol is involved, she goes berserk.”

Prosecuting at Preston’s Sessions House Court, Jeremy Groutsmith said the anti-social behaviour had started when Quinn smashed the window of a Tesco Express in Blackpool at 5am when staff refused to let her in.

She was bailed for the offence but at 7.50am on November 11 last year, Quinn smashed a pint glass against Mr Simpson’s window.

She was again given bail but three days later, on November 14, Quinn ran in front of a Blackpool Transport bus, causing the driver to slam on his brakes.

He said: “The defendant then shouted: ‘Run me over - kill me.’ She then twisted the windscreen wiper causing it to snap off.”

On November 19, Quinn walked into local shop P and G Stone on Westcliff Road at 9.28am

Staff heard a raised voice and Quinn pushed to the front of the counter and pointed a six-inch black-handled kitchen knife at the 58-year-old shopkeeper, who grabbed her arm and pinned it down.

While in custody after her arrest, she smeared excrement all over a police cell, the court was told.

On December 22, after being given police bail, Quinn made a call to the ambulance service threatening to self-harm and harm others. She was arrested on Topping Street with a four-inch black handled kitchen knife. She was admitted into a psychiatric hospital the following day.

Quinn, previously of good character, admitted four criminal damage charges and two of possessing a blade.

The judge adjourned her sentencing for a psychiatric report to be prepared. She will next appear on July 14.