'˜They've nothing to moan about' - Locals react to report revealing overcrowding at HMP Preston Prison

Readers had a mixed response to the news of overcrowding at Preston Prison forcing prisoners to share cells, eating, sleeping and even using the toilet in spaces designed for one.

By The Newsroom
Friday, 24th August 2018, 3:09 pm
Updated Friday, 24th August 2018, 4:20 pm
New figures indicate overcrowding is a problem at Preston Prison
New figures indicate overcrowding is a problem at Preston Prison

The latest Ministry of Justice figures show that 656 prisoners were crammed into just 433 spaces at the prison in July.

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Prisoners share one-person cells at overcrowded Preston Prison

Campaigners say that the unchecked rise of the prison population is responsible for the huge increase in assaults on staff and other inmates, culminating in the Government taking over HMP Birmingham from its contractor, G4S, after a damning inspection report.

Prison Reform Trust director Peter Dawson said: “No government has succeeded in building its way out of overcrowding.”

"Are they forced to share a TV and Playstation too whilst we pay for it all? Bring back punishment like back in the day and they will soon learn respect."Nicola Fisher

"In prison there are ghettos, there’s no rehabilitation just more crimes plotted. Don’t deserve to live in luxury at the taxpayers’ expense. They gave up their rights by committing a crime."Beverley Anne Foy

"If they behaved themselves they wouldn’t be there."Hazel Whatmough

"Oh what a shame . Not! When prisoners get treated better than our old people the country should be ashamed. Three meals a day. Nice and warm. All for free."Anne Adams

"What a shame. Some prisons all over the world have up to 30 people in a cell."Cheryl Brooksbank

"What a shame. If they kept out of trouble they wouldn’t be in there so they shouldn’t be moaning."Tracy Westby

"Could be worse, they could be living on the streets. Oh wait they can’t, can they? They are criminals in prison, serving time for a crime. It’s not meant to be pleasant."Ann Lakeland Bond

"This has been going on since 2001 and probably before. Nothing new."Lee Davies

"They are in prison to pay for their crime, but this isn’t medieval times we need to rehabilitate if we ever want crime rates and the prison population to go down. They are still people, everyone makes mistakes. You don’t know their life story."Tom Pegram

"It’s always been like that and everyone knows it."Pete Brown

"Do they have to share an Xbox and television as well? My heart bleeds!"Chris Allan

"We wouldn’t have overcrowded prisons if people didn’t break the law."Claire Cohen

"The degree of civilization in a society is revealed by entering its prisons."Mark Fairhurst

"Oh no how terrible for these prisoners. So hard having nothing to do all day, having nice, warms meals done for you kept nice and warm. What a shame. Not."Chris Hart