The history of Preston Prison and what's it like inside?

Inside Preston prisonInside Preston prison
Inside Preston prison
Preston is a Victorian prison. Its wings were constructed between 1840 and 1895 on a site occupied since 1790.

The prison closed in 1931, reopened for military use in 1939 and as a civilian prison in 1948. It became a local prison in 1990.

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Prisoners share one-person cells at overcrowded Preston Prison

Some of the sports provided for inmates include body pump; spinning; circuit training, indoor cricket and football.

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It has facilities for the following religions: Christians, Buddhist, Hindu, Jehovah Witness, Jewish, Mormon, Sikh, Pagan.

It has a series of specialist health clinics, including... Dentist (four days a week); Full time mental health team including a crisis team; Optician (fortnightly) podiatry (monthly) and weekly stop smoking courses.

Education classes available include: Art, Computer Studies, Crafts, Creative Writing, English, Maths, Graphic design and sign language.

How much money is spent on the prison? Latest figures for the prison's budget...

Annual Budget: £17,900,000 (2011-12)*

Approx cost per prisoner place (2010): £36,083

*The annual budget allocated to the governor covers all major costs of running the prison but excludes most costs related to education and healthcare.