Shopkeeper caught with three containers of cannabis in his van

A drug driving shopkeeper was caught with herbal cannabis in his vehicle, a court has heard.
Fishwick Nature Reserve, where Limbachia was stoppedFishwick Nature Reserve, where Limbachia was stopped
Fishwick Nature Reserve, where Limbachia was stopped

Chandra Limbachia, 37 of Winckley Road, Preston, was pulled over opposite Fishwick Nature Reserve as he drove a Ford Transit van down London Road, Preston Magistrates’ Court was told.

The defendant, who works for his father’s family business, attracted the attention of police on April 29.

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Prosecuting, Martine Connah said: “ When he wound the window down just an inch the police officer could smell cannabis.

“The defendant then reached down into the door pocket. He produced three containers of herbal cannabis and said it was for his own use. He admitted smoking one and a half hours before being stopped.

“His vehicle was searched and a cigarette containing cannabis was recovered.”

The court heard a blood test showed he had 6.3mg in his blood when the legal limit is 2mg. The value of the drugs was said to be £40.

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In an interview Limbachia, who admits drug driving and possession of a class B drug, admitted smoking a joint and half a night to help with back pain after suffering an injury.

Representing himself he said: “ I’m sorry, I shouldn’t really be driving and stuff under the influence.

“I was coming back from my friend’s and was heading home. I’m really sorry for what I’ve done.”