Rural crime spike prompts warning to homeowners

Police have issued a warning following a rise in rural crimePolice have issued a warning following a rise in rural crime
Police have issued a warning following a rise in rural crime
Police are warning residents to be on their guard against knock and run raiders.

A spike in burglaries has been reported in rural communities in recent weeks with a number of crimes having the same characteristics.

In Garstang alone, there were 25 burglaries reported in the space of 31 days – much higher than the normal levels in the rural community.

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Sgt Danielle Freaney said: “We are asking people to take additional precautions.

“Two people were arrested last month following a number of burglaries.

“But we are asking people to remain on their guard.

“There are simple measures people can take if they know they are going to be out of the property for any length of time.

“Leaving lights on timers, putting the radio on tuned to a talk station, informing a trusted neighbour.

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“If somebody hears voices inside they are less likely to try to enter a property.”

Sgt Freaney said many of the crimes bore the same hallmarks.

She said: “In many of these incidents access has been gained by breaking a rear door or window.

“The damage has not been considerable, just enough to reach inside and open it.

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“Before going round the back we believe offenders are knocking on doors to see if people are in.

“People should report anything suspicious, no matter how insignificant they think it might be.

“We believe people are travelling into the area to commit these crimes and offenders often stand out.

“Anything out of the ordinary should be reported.”

Sgt Freaney said anybody expecting to be away for a month or more could contact police to have their property ‘logged’ and marked as vulerable.

Any suspicious behaviour should be reported by calling 101.