REVEALED: What inmates in Lancashire's prisons will be tucking into on Christmas Day

The festive menu inmates in English prisons can expect this Christmas has been revealed by prison bosses.
Lancashire prisonsLancashire prisons
Lancashire prisons

The special menus, published on and on offer at facilities across England, vary slightly from prison to prison, but most offer up to four different lunch options to inmates.

Lancashire inmates have the choice of.......

HMP Preston

• Roast Turkey with Trimmings

• Halal Roasted chicken breast and leg with trimmings

• Sliced roast beef with Yorkshire pudding x 2

• Mushroom and pepper bake

• Salmon fillet in a herb cream sauce

• Roast potato

• Boiled potato

• Mixed vegetables

• Xmas pudding and white sauce

HMP Lancaster Farms

• Tomato & Basil

• Homemade Soup

• Roast Turkey& Roast Ham


• Stuffing balls & sausage & Bacon Rolls


• Halal ½ Roast Chicken with Stuffing & Yorkshire Pudding


• Garlic Mushroom Lattice

• Served with Roast & New Potatoes

• Brussels Sprouts & Garden Peas & Carrots

• Christmas Pudding & White sauce

HMP Kirkham

• Roast turkey/ trimmings

• Roast beef /Yorkshire puddings

• Salmon and Dill En croute

• Halal Chicken leg/ trimmings

• Roast and Boiled potatoes

• Carrots/ sprouts

• Glazed parsnips

• Gravy

• Christmas Pudding and white sauce

HMP Garth

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• Sliced roast turkey with chipolata sausage, stuffing, Cranberry sauce & gravy


• Halal chicken Tikka masla with boiled rice & mixed salad


• Breaded fish cake x 2


• Vegan peppered steak Cranberry sauce & gravy

All apart from choice B accompanied with Brussels sprouts, sliced carrots, boiled potatoes & roast potatoes

• Christmas pudding and vanilla sauce

• Home made Cherry and coconut lattice & soya milk vanilla sauce

HMP Wymott

• Mushroom & Spinach Wellington

• Salmon & Broccoli Pasta Bake

• Roast Turkey With Chipolata, Stuffing Slice & Gravy

• Halal Chicken Korma (Chicken Breast) With Rice

• Roast Potatoes, Sprouts, Carrots

• Xmas Pudding & White Sauce

• Banana

HMP Haverigg

• Roast Turkey &Stuffing (Normal Diet)

• Bacon & Sausage Roll


• Nut Roast Sliced (Vegan)


• Cranberry & stuffing roll (vegetarian)


• Lamb Curry & Rice (Halal)

• Roast & parsley potatoes

• Brussel sprouts & Carrots

• Roast Gravy

• Christmas Pudding & white Vanilla Sauce

The Prison Service said the festive menus were prepared at no extra cost as they were funded out of existing catering budgets.