Raging Heysham man 'growled like an animal' as he bit and punched Lancashire police officers who were trying to help him

A man who sank his teeth into a police officer's wrist and broke his nose has been remanded in custody.

Thursday, 7th November 2019, 1:03 pm
Preston Magistrates' Court

Sgt Entwistle and his colleague DC Cleasby were trying to check on Thomas Mount's welfare after spotting him walking along a road bleeding from his face - but he savagely turned on them, Preston Magistrates' Court was told.

Sgt Entwistle, whose glasses were thrown from his head during the incident, was left with a bite mark on his wrist and needed surgery for his broken nose.

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Mount also grabbed the leg of a female officer and tried to pull it towards his mouth during the violent assault.

She suffered bruising and bleeding and needs dental treatment for a chipped tooth.

Mount, 24, of Bramwell Road, Heysham, near Lancaster, was seen at 4am on November 3 in Morecambe with blood all over his face.

Prosecuting, Tracey Yates said: "Due to the blood officers pursued him to check on his welfare.

"Sgt Entwistle asked him a number of times if he was OK, however he just ignored him.

"He had his back to the officer. Suddenly he swung his fist round and hit him to the nose.

"He was taken to the floor and was being extremely aggressive and trying to break free. He started to try and bite the officer's hand

"The defendant was growling like an animal.

"The officer had hold of him in a bear hug and could feel liquid running into his mouth.

"The defendant has bitten down on the arm of Sgt Entwistle and he had to strike his face to get him to stop.

"He saw him open his mouth and sink his teeth into his left wrist.

"While the other officer had hold of him he kicked her in nose and mouth, knocking her sideways into the walls."

Further patrols were called to assist them.

Mount, who has 10 convictions for 16 offences including battery and resisting police, pleaded guilty to two counts of causing actual bodily harm.

Defending, Kevin Bamber said Mount worked for Edmondson haulage company two days a week, and asked for bail until his sentence date.

He said: " This is a matter which must proceed to the Crown Court as far as his sentence is concerned.

"He had enjoyed a night out and was having a pleasant evening stroll when he was set upon himself, and quite rightly the officers wanted to check his welfare.

"He can't recall their conversation, he thought he was simply going to be attacked again. He just hit out, it was a spontaneous reaction. He can't justify his actions and can't explain them."

Bail was refused and he will be sentenced at Preston Crown Court on December 9.