Preston woman was assaulted on Christmas Eve

A man has admitted assaulting a woman during an argument on Christmas Eve.

Friday, 13th March 2020, 5:00 pm

Ashley Miller-Hardman, 24, of Manor House Lane, Preston, is alleged to have grabbed the woman by the throat and pushed her.

But he disputes the victim’s version of events, saying he pushed her to her upper chest, which caused her to fall.

Prosecuting, Paul Huxley says: “It is not even 8am when police are called by this lady.

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Preston Magistrates' Court

“The gist of this case is she describes he had taken hold of her by the throat by both hands and pushed her, causing her to fall, hitting a table.

“It’s a clear strangulation manoeuvre effectively.

“In his interview the man accepts there has been an assault but the nuts and bolts of it are in dispute.”

In a statement the woman said: “His grip was firm but did not fully stop me from breathing.”

“He was vicious and aggressive - his face changed. He had gritted teeth and his eyes were bulging.”

Defending, Craig McKenzie said water was thrown over the defendant and he lost his temper.

The bench ruled the significantly different versions given could impact on his sentence.

A Newton hearing, a special hearing to determine the facts, has been set for March 29.