Preston students caught speeding on 180-mile lockdown road trip to Yorkshire and Liverpool

Two students from Preston have been busted by police after they were found speeding towards Liverpool on the M62, after picking up a friend in Yorkshire!

Monday, 18th January 2021, 8:59 am

The pair were spotted by traffic officers who clocked them doing 88mph on the Liverpool-bound motorway last night (Sunday, January 17).

Whilst cruising at speed in lane 3 of a deserted M62, the pair were oblivious to police behind them as they continued past two junctions, until the officers signalled for them to pull over.

But instead of pulling safely onto the hard shoulder, the student driver decided to put his brakes on in the running lane, risking a serious accident, said police.

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And things were about to go from bad to worse for the UCLan students.

Not only did officers discover two bald tyres on the car, but they also established that the driver had no insurance and only a provisional licence.

When pushed to explain why they were travelling from Preston to Liverpool during lockdown, the driver meekly told officers he had picked up his friend from Sheffield before hitting the M62 for the 100-mile trip to Liverpool - a total driving distance of 180 miles!

Pressed to give a reason for breaching national lockdown restrictions, the pair said they wanted a "change of scenery".

Students from Preston have been stopped by police after they were found speeding towards Liverpool on the M62, after picking up a friend in Yorkshire

Officers swiftly booked the driver, seized the car and reported both him and his passenger for breaching coronavirus restrictions.

The pair then hitched a lift with officers who dropped them off at a local taxi rank for their return trip to Preston.

A North West Motorway Police officer said: "A couple of students from Preston were spotted going towards Liverpool on the M62, sat in lane three at 88mph. Michael J Fox would be proud!

"When the driver eventually noticed the Traffic car behind him, he slowed right down, but stayed in lane 3 for two junctions. Upon stopping him, he decided the best place to stop would in the running lane! That certainly caused a panic moment.

"When safely on the hard shoulder, we then find two bald tyres. And he only has a provisional driving licence. He was picking his friend up from Sheffield to go to Liverpool, apparently for a change of scenery!

"We took them to a taxi rank

"If they'd stayed at home, all of this would have been avoided. Absolutely not acceptable."

The driver has been reported for the following offences:

- Excess speed

- Inconsiderate driving

- Two bald tyres

- Driving otherwise than in accordance with a licence

- No insurance

- Breaching Covid restrictions