Preston pensioner Bernadette Green was found with neglected rotting skin injuries, murder jury told

An emaciated 88-year-old grandmother was found to have died in her own faeces, amid a string of injuries and bruises, a court has heard

The scene at Inkerman Street
The scene at Inkerman Street

Ex Lancashire policeman John Green, 65, denies murdering his 4ft 9in mother Bernadette, 88, at the home they shared in Inkerman Street in Plungington, Preston, on May 18.

Home Office pathologist Alison Armour gave evidence about the injuries on her severely emaciated body, showing what the prosecution says is signs of severe neglect.

Dr Armour, who conducted the post mortem examination on June 8, described how necrosis - blackened rotting skin - was found in intimate areas of her body, and revealed various parts of her body were caked in her own faeces.

The scene at Inkerman Street

She revealed Mrs Green was last weighed in 2010, when her weight then was 76.3kg - around 12 stone.

She said: “At autopsy Mrs Green weighed 36.3kg (5 stone 10lbs) and I would describe her as emaciated.”

She said her ribs were visible through her skin, and said the pensioner was so thin her abdomen had a “caved in” appearance.

The court was also told multiple pinprick sized and blotchy haemorrhages in her mouth and throat area indicated deprivation of oxygen.

She added: “ This indicates pressure has been applied over her mouth and nose which is known as smothering. It’s one of the most difficult diagnosis that we as professionals encounter in our career.”