Preston neighbour dispute leads to court case over 'death threats'

A resident in a Preston block of flats was subjected to terrifying threats by a disgruntled neighbour, a court has heard.

Magistrates' Court
Magistrates' Court

Jack Light admitted harassing his victim during a hearing before Preston Magistrates’ Court.

The 21-year-old, who was living in the same block of accommodation as the woman, became angry when his landlord contacted him about allegations made against him.

He mistakenly believed the woman was responsible for the complaints and made threats towards her over a period between April 7 and 25 this year.

Magistrates' Court

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Prosecuting, Mr Siddall said problems had been caused at the address and there were a “number of falling outs”.

He added: “On February 8 in the early evening he came knocking on door and he accused her of speaking to landlord, he claims he was told by landlord it was her.

“He went on to say: “Don’t call the police, if you call the police I’ll set fire to the house,” and also told her he had set fire to someone else’s house.

“He made comments in the kitchen on one occasion.

“On April 24 he challenged her saying: “I know it was you. I’m gonna f***ing punch you in the face.

“You’re gonna pay for this - I’m gonna kill you.”

In a victim statement the woman said he was “really scaring” her and she was fearful he would carry out his threats.

Defending, David Scully said: “ This is a young man who has been subject to care in his later formative years, a great deal of difficulty with his birth parents.

“He reports he sometimes feels females are essentially out picking up on his difficulties and playing on those.

“Mr Light was contacted by his landlord to say people were making allegations of him removing items of their property.

“He perceived those were incorrect allegations. Certainly there were difficulties between all the residents and his tenancy was very short lived.”

He was given 150 hours unpaid work and a restraining order, and must pay £150 compensation, and £85 surcharge and £150 costs.