Preston jury hears trafficking accused did not realise young woman had travelled 300 miles in a car with him because he was 'asleep'

A man has denied raping a young woman at a Preston flat, and facilitating the travel of another with a view to exploiting her.

By Stef Hall
Tuesday, 9th February 2021, 3:45 pm

Dickson Ngaunde, 37, of Stanford Avenue, Brighton, Sussex, and co-defendant Amos O'Cheng, of Winckley Square, Preston, are standing trial at Preston Crown Court over alleged sexual exploitation crimes and the rape of young women and girls in Preston.

Phone footage that Ngaunde filmed before the alleged rape, showing two women on a bed in Amos O'Cheng's flat, was played to jurors.

The prosecution alleges the women were telling Ngaunde 'no' and not to touch them.

Crown Court

But Ngaunde insists they had 'asked him' to film them.

He admits having sex with a young woman in O'Cheng's flat, but denies a charge of raping her.

He also denies facilitating the travel of another young woman with a view to exploitation.

In evidence he was quizzed about a journey in which the woman travelled in a car with O'Cheng and Ngaunde from the Cameo nightclub in Eastbourne, East Sussex, to Lancashire.

Ngaunde denies knowing the woman had got into the car, claiming he was asleep when he and O'Cheng pulled up at the club, and that he remained asleep until they were around 40 minutes away from Preston.

The court heard in his police interview he had denied going to Eastbourne altogether.

Prosecuting, Mike Laverey said: "But you had been to Eastbourne hadn't you?"

Ngaunde replied: " Yes."

Mr Laverey asked : "Did you park up with Max (O'Cheng) outside Cameo?"

The defendant said: " I can't remember, I was sleeping.

He was quizzed why he hadn't heard the girl get in the car, or any conversations, and he replied that he only woke up when they were 40 minutes away from Preston.

Mr Laverey asked: "Did you not say to him 'where's she come from?'"

He replied: "I did not because it's none of my business."

Mr Laverey said: " You just travelled 300 miles with her."

Ngaunde said: "I was asleep sir."


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